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Welcome to PrAna

Where mind and body meets adventure on the beautiful island of Bohol.
The PrAna group is dedicated to providing you with an unsurpassed diving experience. We also appreciate that a holiday isn't just about diving so we offer our guests a range of activities to pleasure your mind, body and spirit.

Based at the the beautiful Cliffside Resort on Panglao Island, PrAna boasts the very best equipment and professional instructors to guide you through your experiences. Whether you are a novice diver or a seasoned veteran our staff will ensure your expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Our philosophy at PrAna is to live and promote a healthy lifestyle while in harmony with nature. To this end we offer our guests a range of activities including Yoga, Body Work, as well one of access to some of Asia's top diving locations.
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We operate from Cliffside Resort.
Km 16 Hoyohoy, Tawala, Panglao.
5 minutes away from Alona beach
Mobile International:
+63 917 301 1553 or
+63 920 419 0538
Mobile Local:
09 17301 1553 or
09 20419 0538